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DLB cosmetics manufactures large pressed glitter eyeshadow compacts AND cream glitter eyeshadow jars in many unique and desirable colors, including a number of limited edition options. A free gift is included in every purchase.

All of DLB cosmetics' glitter eyeshadows are made with 100% all natural vegan ingredients which include isopropyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, and shea butter.

The one of a kind formula that all DLB cosmetics pressed glitter eyeshadows consist of allows the vibrantly pigmented pressed glitter eyeshadow to be applied smoothly and seamlessly with no glitter fallout, making the use of any additional glitter adhesives unnecessary. The fine sized glitter in our pressed glitter eyeshadows produces a high shine. Our pressed glitter eyeshadows come packaged inside their own individual large compact with a clear lid that snaps shut. For best results, we recommend you apply your pressed glitter eyeshadow with a small firm makeup brush.

DLB cosmetics has adjusted our one of a kind formula to create a perfect cream glitter eyeshadow consistency. The glitter in our cream glitter eyeshadow jars are larger than the fine sized glitter in our pressed glitter eyeshadow compacts which makes them glimmer beautifully. They are all highly pigmented and do not produce glitter fallout when applied. Our cream glitter eyeshadows come inside their own jar with a clear lid that screws shut. To achieve a smooth and buttery application, we recommend you mix your cream glitter eyeshadow before using, then apply a small amount with a medium to soft brush.
































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